(Last Updated December 2021)

My name is Sandeep Pawar. I am a Data Science professional, currently working in Pharmacy Analytics team at Humana as Sr. Data Visualization Engineer. I use advanced data analytics, Statistics, Machine Learning to help improve health & well-being of our members.

Prior to Humana, I worked at Cree Lighting as Data Analytics Engineer. My background is in Mechanical Engineering & Product Development. After graduating with an M.S in Mechanical Engineering, I worked as research engineer focused on using engineering simulation tools (Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics) to analyze products. I am co-inventor of 4 patents related to thermal management of lighting fixtures. For 10+ years, I worked in a cross-disciplinary team of engineers to analyze structural and thermal performance of industrial and semiconductor products. I used to design physical tests using DOE, gather data, analyze it, create simulation models and recommend design changes to the product engineers. Now as a Data Science professional, I do the same thing but with different tools and data.

I pivoted to Data Science ~5 years ago (2016) after I helped solve a business challenge using Statistics and Data Analytics. It energized me so much that I pursued my second Master’s in Engineering Management at Northwestern University with focus on Organizational Analytics. I learned how to use analytics to gain business insights. As an engineer I understand System Dynamics , and hence focus on creating sustainable solutions rather than quick band-aid fixes.

I am a passionate learner and am always learning something new. I love to challenge myself to learn new techniques, methods, tools and apply them in different settings. The business challenge I mentioned above? I used some of the Statistical methods I had used in my engineering research (Monte Carlo Simulation, uncertainty estimation) to solve it. I was given Employee Recognition Award (twice) for helping solve the issue. In 2015, I participated in a Business Strategy competition organized by Navigant Consulting. In that competition, the participants were asked to analyze market for a new diabetes drug and advise the company on ‘Go-No Go’ strategy. I had no prior experience of any of it. I did research on drug markets, how clinical trials work, learned how to create Complex Real Options, incorporate various risk in drug/financial valuations and presented a business strategy. I won the first prize in that competition. Not bragging, I am just proud of my efforts. One of the judges thought that I had been doing this for many years! I bring the same rigor and passion to all the projects I work on. I may not know everything but you can count on me learning and excelling. I am a proponent of open source and love sharing what I learn.

I enjoy watching cricket and making espressos & latte art. I can make a heart, tulip & rose. Learning to make a swan :) (If you have a favorite coffee blend or local espresso bar, send me a note). Since you asked, my favorite beans are Epic Espresso by 49th Parallel and favorite cafe is Espresso Cielo in Santa Monica, CA. I am a die-hard Sachin Tendulkar fan.

My Latte Art

Volunteering: I volunteer at Elmhurst Art Museum, a local non-profit that showcases artwork of local and international artists and helps educate local community about art. I help them with their data analytics needs to improve community outreach and marketing. I am always looking for volunteering opportunities so feel free to get in touch with me if I can be of any help.


  • Masters in Engineering Management, Business Analytics, Northwestern University, IL
  • M.S, Mechanical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago IL
  • B.E, Mechanical Engineering, Pune, India


  • Machine Learning Engineer with Microsoft Azure - Udacity Nanodegree
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist (DP-100)
  • Microsoft Certified Data Analyst (DA-100)
  • Azure AI Fundamentals Certification (AI-900)
  • JMP: Modern Screening Designs (Statistical Design of Experiments)
  • JMP: ANOVA and Regression
  • JMP: Data Exploration

Some Bragging

  • Won Navigant Business Strategy Competition
  • Won Microsoft-Udacity Azure Machine Learning Scholarship
  • Won 1st Prize for my project on Time Series Forecasting in Azure ML
  • Finalist, AECOM Global Business Innovation & Strategy Competition
  • 4 Patents: US D750317, US 20150345715, US 20150316249, US 20140268730. Related to thermal design of lighting fixtures
  • 2X Employee Recognition Award for using Data Analytics to help create business solutions

Speaking Engagements

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