(Last Updated May 2023)

My name is Sandeep Pawar. I am a Data Analytics & Data Science professional, currently working at Hitachi Solutions as Sr Power BI Architect. I use advanced data analytics, data visualization, Statistics, Machine Learning to create solutions, primarily using Microsoft data products & tools.

You can watch my chat with Ben Ferry to learn about me, my work and data :


Few things about me:

  • I focus on creating solutions not reports and models
  • I enjoy collaborating with others, learn from them and share what I know
  • I have a process-focussed view of analytics, i.e analytics can only be successful if it aligns with business processes (new or existing). Hence, you will often find me talk about the business processes that generate the data, decision frameworks to consume the data/reports/models, and data governance.
  • I love exploring and learning new technologies. Currently I am learning various frameworks and packages to explore high volume, high dimensional data effectively at scale using Python and how to integrate that with Power BI projects.

I enjoy watching cricket and making espressos & latte art. I can make a heart, tulip & rose. Learning to make a swan :) (If you have a favorite coffee blend or local espresso bar, send me a note). Since you asked, my favorite beans are Epic Espresso by 49th Parallel and favorite cafe is Espresso Cielo in Santa Monica, CA. I am a die-hard Sachin Tendulkar fan.

My Latte Art

Volunteering: I volunteer at Elmhurst Art Museum, a local non-profit that showcases artwork of local and international artists and helps educate local community about art. I help them with their data analytics needs to improve community outreach and marketing. I am always looking for volunteering opportunities so feel free to get in touch with me if I can be of any help.


  • Masters in Engineering Management, Business Analytics, Northwestern University, IL
  • M.S, Mechanical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago IL
  • B.E, Mechanical Engineering, Pune, India


  • Machine Learning Engineer with Microsoft Azure - Udacity Nanodegree
  • Microsoft Certified Enterprise Data Analyst (DP-500)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist (DP-100)
  • Microsoft Certified Data Analyst (PL-300)
  • Azure AI Fundamentals Certification (AI-900)
  • JMP: Modern Screening Designs (Statistical Design of Experiments)
  • JMP: ANOVA and Regression
  • JMP: Data Exploration

Some Bragging

  • Won Navigant Business Strategy Competition
  • Won Microsoft-Udacity Azure Machine Learning Scholarship
  • Won 1st Prize for my project on Time Series Forecasting in Azure ML
  • Finalist, AECOM Global Business Innovation & Strategy Competition
  • 4 Patents: US D750317, US 20150345715, US 20150316249, US 20140268730. Related to thermal design of lighting fixtures
  • 2X Employee Recognition Award for using Data Analytics to help create business solutions

Speaking Engagements

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